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Create stars with wiper technology in The GIMP

Schritt 1

First you choose a color and a normal round brush. If so green. With the airbrush gun (with variable pressure spray) shall be the rate to about 80 and the pressure to around 15 Now it makes six dots, three bright and three dark, which can easily overlap.

Schritt 2

Now it adds an even brighter spot in the center, moves to a "fuzzy" brush, which is about two levels smaller than the previous brush and spray it with a white dot on the middle point.

Schritt 3

Now you choose the smear function with a rate about 60 and then moves from the middle mouse button pressed to the screen.

Schritt 4

It is smeared the colors for so long by a slightly different place, until one has achieved the desired result.

 Some variations:

Stern 1Stern 2Stern 3