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Welcome to Nuclear Media!

Nuclear Media is a project by Bastian Born and Carsten Born. We currently offer some small tutorials and software for free use.

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The Internet offers almost every person in the world an unimaginably huge potential of knowledge. Also we would like to contribute to it and give you a little bit of our knowledge and our experiences.

The left image was created to be seen with GIMP , a drawing program. You can visit Tutorial just read, which are made with techniques and settings, such stars, try it yourself and apply the techniques elsewhere ...


... or you look for example on how data is stored on a hard drive and why defragmenting a hard drive makes sense.

Disk Defragmenter is also explained in a simple and easy tutorial.

NM Monitor - G15


An applet for the Logitech G15 Gaming Keyboard. The NM Monitor monitor displays an overview of CPU / RAM usage, email and date in the main menu. These data can be in addition to weather data, a Winamp support, Teamspeak control, task manager, and many other features to consider separately.

The NM monitor makes the G15 keyboard is no longer just for gamers is very advantageous, but also for programmers and business people.

Important information or news ticker has been so ever in the eye and the built-in task manager has saved many times before rebooting, since the operation of the G15 remains closed, although the PC had hung himself.

In the top photo, the orange LEDs on the keypad has been replaced by green.


At this point we want to draw attention to our references.

In today's world it has become increasingly important to know where you stand, and it is never too early to begin to build a reputation or to improve themselves by criticizing others.